Get Up…

June 25, 2010

When thinking about different ways to meet new people and build new relationship, a missed opportunity presents itself in every day work activities.  If you are currently working, or if you are a student, get up to deliver your messages. Don’t send it via e-mail…even if it is something small.  I learned very quickly the impact you can make when you give people face time. 

So, when you have to send some documents to the HR department, or if you need to correspond with a colleague down the hall, meet in person when you can.  Obviously, you can’t do this with every interaction, but if you start today by just getting up, walking across the hall to ask the question, people will start taking note of your attitude, enthusiasm, work ethic, professionalism, etc…  Some of these interpersonal skills are difficult to interpret in the world of e-mail and chat. 

By getting up and communicating face-to-face, when you do have to correspond via e-mail, it makes the message more meaningful.  You are building that relationship.  It becomes more important to the recipient and more important to you. ~ Stacey


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