Just say yes…

December 22, 2010

As we grow up, there are many people who offer their words of wisdom; some of it is helpful, some of it is well…not so helpful. 🙂 So, of all the wonderful advice I have received, there is one piece of advice that sticks out that I would like to share with you.  I have heard this from numerous people over the years and have put it into practice many, many times.  My advice to you is…

Say yes, that’s it plain and simple, just say yes.

When asked for help, say yes.  When asked if you know someone who could help, just say yes. When asked for advice, just say yes.  This is how we leave our mark on others.  Now, I am not saying we can be all things to all people, and just saying yes doesn’t mean you have to be everywhere all of the time.  It simply means making a commitment to say yes when asked to stay late.  Say yes when asked to help with a project, not because you are paid  but because you want to help. In addition, you can say yes even before you are asked to do something. Offer help when you see someone in need. First recognize they are in need (pay attention), and then offer to help.

We all leave a legacy when we cross paths with others in our lifetime. What do you want your legacy to be?


If you have been in the job search for very long, there is one question you hate to be asked:  “So how is the job search going?”  While people ask this question with the best intentions, the recipient actually hears “Why haven’t you found a job?”  The job seeker feels like he or she has been knocked down yet another peg.  Admit it. 

Instead of feeling defensive and defeated, I challenge you to use this as a great opportunity to ask for advice and help.   Be honest yet genuinely interested in receiving guidance and direction.  If people ask you about your job search, they might also be very open to offering you guidance as well. 

A good response when someone asks you about your job search might go something like this:  “I have been networking and sending out resumes; however, I have not secured any offers to date.  If you are interested and willing to do so, I would really appreciate sitting down with you for a few minutes to get your input.”  Depending on your relationship with this person your questions may range from general to quite specific. 

The next time someone asks you how your job search is going don’t answer with “fine” or something sarcastic and walk away.  If you are in the job search, you need as many cheerleaders and champions as you can get.  Ask advice from anyone who shows an interest in helping you.  And remember that just because you receive advice doesn’t mean you have to act on it, but you never know where you will find your most beneficial contacts and job leads.  Keep all doors WIDE open.