How to Market Yourself Without Work Experience

August 3, 2011

Whether you lack relevant work experience for a potential position or basically lack work experience at all, you can still create a successful job search marketing campaign.  The key is to focus on your transferable skills. 

Experience, obviously, is what immediately catches the attention of potential employers.  Without a doubt, you will not be hired unless you can do a give job, but the person hired must also possess other qualities such as leadership, problem solving and initiative to name a few.

The foundation for a great financial analyst is the ability to ANALYZE.  You may have not experience in finance, but if you are able to prove your ability to successfully analyze data then you are promoting the ultimate value an employer seeks if interviewing candidates for this type position.  This is called transferrable skills.  Your job as a candidate is to prove your ability to deliver quality results not just complete tasks.  

Undergraduate students typically spend a great deal of time with involvement in student organizations.  Whether they are leaders or active members, there are a myriad of opportunities to showcase skills that can be highly valuable to potential employers.  Team class projects are ideal for building skill sets such as leadership, verbal communications and problem solving.

When you are creating your job search campaign, focus on promoting everything you have in your past to prove your value.  Employers hire based on your knowledge, skills, and experience.  Even without relevant work experience, you can still promote your value and be competitive in the job market.


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