While many career fairs are still yet to arrive on the calendar, many have already taken place.  For those who have already attended a career fair, the conversations were completed, the give-aways were received, and the applications were submitted online—now what?  Are you one of those people who attended a career fair and are waiting impatiently for a call from all of those employers?  Please tell me your answer is no to that question.  Here are a few tips to make the benefits of attending career fairs last longer than the day of the event: 

  1.  If you received business cards or wrote down the name of the person you met at the various career fair booths, make sure you write thank you notes.  Let me repeat that:  write thank you notes!  Email or handwritten is not the question here.  Just make sure that the people you meet receive thank you notes in one form of communication or another.  That is step one and one of the most important things you can do.  How many recruiters do you think receive thank you notes from career fairs?  Some do, but many do not.  Set yourself apart from the rest of the people who attend these events. 
  2. Make sure you applied online to the positions you discussed with the recruiters.
  3. Search for company representatives through LinkedIn, Career Shift or your campus director of former students.  Contact those individuals to build expanding relationships with people who work with the organizations that interest you. 
  4. If you are seeking an internship yet were told at the Career Fair that the employer will not be seeking interns until the spring, then be sure to connect with that company again later this fall and most certainly early next spring.  Work to get on this company’s short list of candidates. 
  5. If you did interview for a position at the career fair or soon afterwards and did not receive an offer, be sure and connect with this company again.  As I stated in a previous blog, “NO” today does not necessarily mean NO FOREVER.  Work to change that NO into a YES!