I have a standing rule when it comes to cover letters, and I just broke it.  Can you guess what that rule might be?  Never start a cover letter with the word “I”.  A cover letter is not about you or “I” in this case. A cover letter is all about the employer and addressing how you are the best candidate for particular positions and career paths.  

After finishing the first draft of your cover letter, print the letter then take a red pen to circle the number of times you wrote the word “I”.  You will be surprised the number of times that word is written.  For the reader, that word jumps off the page.  I call these the “I” letters as opposed to cover letters.

The purpose of a cover letter is to connect your qualifications to an employer’s needs.  Make the letter be all about the employer and how you are the best candidate to meet their needs.  A cover letter is your marketing pitch to a potential employer.  Address the qualifications an employer requires and/or prefers and prove why you should receive that coveted interview.  

Cover letters that do not focus on the reader will be ignored and tossed aside every time.  Make sure your letter is read and interest the reader.  The letter is about them, not you.